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Do your students groan at the thought of reading a passage more than once? Do they just answer reading comprehension question without looking back in the text? Well, no more! These comprehension passages make students WANT to reread a text and even work hard to find the correct answer so that they will be able to color their mystery picture correctly. Best of all, it’s self-checking so you can scan quickly to determine the needs of your students.

Give your students the head start they deserve with our close reading with mystery picture sets! Communication and critical thinking skills serve as a solid foundation for a successful academic experience. Close reading is a proven technique that sharpens reading skills by using repetition to:

  • Help students better understand the message and structure of literature.
  • Understand the words the author chooses to use and why he or she structures them the way they do.
  • Understand more difficult texts so they can learn new information more efficiently. 

✰Practice important reading comprehension skills while educating your students with these fun, no prep, reading passages! 

Perfect for...

Centers & Small Groups
Substitute Plans
Independent & Partner Work
Digital Learning
Homework Practice & Review

Features of EVERY SET

✔ Teacher Pages: explaining the different parts of the resource and how to use it in the classroom.

✔ Student Printables: print for the students to keep/use during the reading. Perfect for notebooks!

✔ 3 Different Texts: each having three levels of difficulty.

✔ 10 Text Dependent Questions for each passage. Use with or without the mystery grid.

✔ 3 Writing Prompts: one for each passage

✔ 3 Mystery Grids: one for each passage

✔ Answer Keys: for the 10 text dependent questions and the mystery grid.

✔ Graphic Organizers: as an option to use with any of the texts

✔️ DIGITAL Versions! All sets have digital versions that are in Google Slides with instructions for PowerPoint.

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With 2,000+ positive reviews from teachers like YOU, these passages are engaging students in reading comprehension and practicing important standards!

These are awesome products! I'm so glad that I decided to purchase the bundle of these activities! I love that the passages are differentiated so I can use them with my small groups. The students are really engaged with the passages and they enjoy doing the coloring at the end. I also appreciate that a writing prompt and graphic organizers are included with every passage.

The students loved these because they found the topics interesting and they love mystery pictures. I also love that the passages are differentiated.

I purchased this to review comprehension strategies with my 6th graders who are on various reading levels. The leveled passages were awesome for differentiation! The stories were exciting and engaging and the color by number activity was a big hit. I would highly recommend this!!

Check out the video below to see how the digital version works.

Bundles of Close Reads with Mystery Pictures
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Themed Close Reads with Mystery Pictures

(Use ANY Time of year!)

Monthly Close Reads with Mystery Pictures

(Perfect ELA practice with a fun monthly theme!)

Holiday Close Reads with Mystery Pictures

(Perfect for learning about a holiday AND having fun!)