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Welcome to my page, Fun in 5th Grade where the focus is on having fun and engaging learners in the upper elementary (grades 3-6) classrooms!  I am so glad you stopped by.  My name is Angie and I taught 5th grade for ten years at an inner city school in the state of Pennsylvania.



Find out more about me as an educator!

I started creating resources in January of 2013 to help engage some of my most difficult students.  I was struggling with just getting my students to try and I was doing what the school was asking me to do but it just wasn’t cutting it.  The material was dry and teacher centered and the students sometimes just didn’t care about learning.  I knew if I could just engage them in the learning, then they would be so much better off.  They were so smart when they put in the effort but they needed a reason to push themselves to get better.

So, Fun in 5th Grade was born and I started creating materials to accompany the requirements of the curriculum.  I thought if I could make the concepts fun and spiral them throughout the year that they would eventually help my students.  A lot of times, my students’ issues were just that they didn’t remember the meaning of the academic vocabulary we were using daily and many of them were years behind in reading.  My classroom sometimes made 1.5-2 years of growth in one year and I attribute that to all of the fun we were having each and every day!

My Goals

The goal of my blog/store is to help other teachers make learning fun and engaging for their students.  Teachers need easy to implement classroom tested ideas for their classrooms and to use with their students.  I want to help you and your students get excited about learning. They are wanting to come to school each day to see what will happen next.  

I have recently left the classroom for medical reasons (nothing too serious but it made teaching very difficult) and now I am focused full time on making quality resources for the upper elementary teacher.  I enjoy staying current by volunteering at my old school in a 3rd-5th grade resource room and read lots about best teaching practices both online and in professional development books.  Teaching is my passion and I will never stop learning so I can help my fellow teachers.


I’m Angie!

On a more personal note, I am a mother of two beautiful children and a wife.  My son has ADHD but we have been fortunate enough that at the current time he doesn’t need medication.  We work with him a lot and communicate frequently with teachers to keep him on track.  It can sometimes be a struggle but he has a great support team.  I enjoying reading, photography, Target, and iced coffee.  When I’m not working you can find me planning or doing something fun with my family.  We like to go on bike rides, camp, explore, and laugh!  





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