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5 Activities for the last 2 weeks of school

5 Activities for the Last 2 Weeks of School

Keep students engaged with these 5 activities for the last 2 weeks of school! It’s here! The birds are singing, the sun is shining well past the time when you leave the classroom for the day, and the countdown is on to the end of the school year. Whether your

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Figurative Language in 5 days

Figurative Language in 5 Days

Teaching figurative language in 5 days is as easy as following this simple recipe. Are you a person who likes a recipe or are you one of those people who walks into the kitchen with a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach to baking? Personally, I like the recipe. I like knowing tried and

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Tips for Playing Games in the Classroom

Playing games in the classroom doesn’t have to result in chaos. Try some of these tips to help set expectations as you get started with games in your classroom. When I mention playing a game in your classroom, what is your gut response?  Are you excited, joyful, cautious? Lots of

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Reimagining Close Reads in Upper Elementary

At Fun in 5th Grade, we are always reimagining close reads whether it is with mystery pictures, new monthly close read sets, or with new implementation strategies. Today we are adding a little ‘spice’ to classroom implementation. One of the best analogies I’ve ever heard regarding close reading is that

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End of Year Activities: Memory Books for Upper Elementary

When looking for end of the year activities, make the experience special for both students and parents with these memory books for upper elementary classes. Do you hear that? Listen carefully! That is the sound of thousands of mothers wailing at once, but why are they crying? Well, it’s graduation

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How to Save Google Slides as a Powerpoint

How to Save Google Slides as a PowerPoint

We’ve got folders full of Google Slides resources, but our students don’t have Google accounts. We’ll teach you how to save Google Slides as a PowerPoint for classroom use. It seems like the whole world has gone gaga for Google, but let’s be honest, Google’s not for everybody, and sometimes

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How to Organize an Elementary Math Block

Here’s an equation for you… ES + x – y + 5(z)= A Great Day in Elementary Math If the ES=Elementary Students, what do you think the ‘x’ and ‘y’ and ‘z’ represent?  Maybe…  x=Coffee  y=A Broken Copier  z=Classroom Associates Elementary Students + Coffee – A Broken Copier + 5

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Math Center Ideas for Upper Elementary

Bring peace to your day with these math center ideas for upper elementary. Take a moment to imagine the perfect moment in your math class. Live in that moment. Let your mind work its way around your classroom and observe your students.  First, you see yourself. You are working with

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Make Any Content into a Game

It is our mission to turn as much classroom content into a game as possible! There is little else more satisfying than beating someone at a board game. It doesn’t matter if it’s Candyland, Monopoly, or Settlers of Catan, a good board game puts my heart in a happy place.

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