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6 Types of Context Clues to Practice (Blog Image)

6 Types of Context Clues to Practice

Explore these 6 types of context clues to practice with your upper elementary students. Plus, a free poster download for each. It was Mrs. White in the Library with the leadpipe. If you’ve ever played a game of Clue, then you may be familiar with this kind of phrase. In

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Working on text features in the classroom blog image

Working on Text Features in the Classroom

Working on text features in the classroom is fun with these posters, activities, and games for upper elementary.  Do you remember the first time you opened a chapter book? What about a college textbook, or maybe even *gasp* an encyclopedia. Now, I may be dating myself here, but staring down

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Chinese New Year Books and Activities for Upper Elementary Blog Image

Chinese New Year Books and Activities for Upper Elementary

Start learning about another major holiday this year with these Chinese New Year books and activities for upper elementary students. The Chinese and Gregorian calendar New Year celebrations are similar but different. Although many of our students in the US would recognize the idea of staying up late at night

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Games for teaching theme in upper elementary blog images

Games for Teaching Theme in Upper Elementary

Help students break the reading ‘code’ with these games for teaching themes in upper elementary. We all know that reading is important, but as a parent, we often don’t consider why reading is so valuable. We want our kids to be able to read, and we are thrilled when they

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5 Fraction Games and Activities for Reviewing Fraction Standards Blog Image

5 Games and Activities for Reviewing Fraction Standards

Use these fun and easy games and activities for reviewing fraction standards during this upcoming test-prep season. Guess what!  It is test prep time, and that means that over here at Fun in 5th Grade, we are reviewing our grade-level standards and skills with games and activities and all the

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Ideas for using the kindness challenge throughout the year blog image

Ideas for Using the Kindness Challenge Throughout the Year

Use these ideas for using the Kindness Challenge throughout the year. Although we often focus on the hard skills of education like vocabulary, fractions, place value, etc. We believe that a good, well-rounded student is one who has the knowledge but also has empathy, grace, and a commitment to bettering

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Fun Text Structure Review Games blog image with image of Sticker Style resource

Fun Text Structure Review Games

Fun text structure review games to help your students build their confidence around identifying and analyzing text structure. Let’s be honest. Identifying text structure isn’t always the most interesting topic to teach, but as our students’ understanding grows and evolves, so do our activities. Plus, as we move past the

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