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5 Ways to Use our Crayon-Themed Close Read Freebie Blog Image with picture of the resource in use in the background

5 Ways to use our Crayon-Themed Close Reading Freebie!

Let’s get creative with 5 ways to use our Crayon-Themed Close Reading Freebie! So, maybe you’ve already downloaded our Close Reading Freebie, or maybe you’ve been waiting until the right moment. Either way, we are going to talk to day about several different ways to use this awesome Crayon-themed Close

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Back to School Building a Classroom Community Blog Image with elementary boy smiling at the camera

Back to School: Building a Classroom Community

Building a classroom community may just be the most important thing that you do this school year.  Back to school time is full of so many different lessons and activities…not to mention assessments, celebrations, and general get-to-know-yous. It is a time of the year that can be a bit stressful

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Ideas for using Giant UNO cards in the classroom blog image with a picture of a set of Giant UNO cards

Ideas for Using Giant UNO Cards in the Classroom

Use these GIANT UNO cards in the classroom for all the things this year with these 8 fun, hands-on ideas. We are obsessing over these Giant Uno cards! There is just something about oversized toys and games that makes our hearts melt and minds race with ideas. In fact, I

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5 Fun Ways to Spiral Concepts in Upper Elementary Image with game board and pieces in image

5 Fun Ways to Spiral Concepts in Upper Elementary

Spiral concepts in upper elementary without becoming redundant or dull with these 5 fun activities! We often talk about spiraling concepts in upper elementary, and it is our belief that spiraling concepts help to promote long-term retention of skills and a deeper understanding of ideas and content. When we spiral

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