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5 Ways to Use these ELA Digi-Games

If you’re looking for some fun reviews to mix into your lessons this year, here are a few ways to use these ELA Digi-Games to mix things up a bit!

I’m a sucker for a good review game, and if that review game also happens to be digital, no-prep, and self-checking… sign me up!

The ELA Digi-Games are all that and a bag of chips. 

They are easy-to-use review games that students can play independently while I work with other students in small groups.

But there are other ways to use these ELA Digi-Games, and that is what this post is all about.

Before we get into the 5 ways to use these ELA Digi-Games in your upper elementary classroom, let’s first review what the ELA Digi-Games are and how to play them.

5 Ways to Use these ELA Digi-Games (FB)

How to play ELA Digi-Games

ELA Digi-Games are digital games that students can use to review skills and practice upper elementary concepts.

Each ELA Digi-Game includes a digital gameboard with moveable pieces and a ‘rolling’ dice.

To play, students roll the digital dice, move their piece and then click on the question associated with the spot they stopped on. 

Once they’ve answered the question, they can click on the answer to see if they are correct. 

Upon returning to the gameboard, they can then move their piece, or the next player can begin their turn.

With so many different ways to use these ELA Digi-Games, you can play in a way that meets your students where they are, whether they are playing for review, pre-testing, or mastery.

5 Ways to Use These ELA Digi-Games

Let’s go through 5 variations of the game. You can pick the one that works best for your students.

#1 | Whole Group Play

You can play the game as a whole group or small group with or without the included gameboard.

The game can easily be projected onto the board for full-class participation. If students answer the questions on individual whiteboards, these ELA Digi-Games can be a terrific formative assessment.

#2 | Just the Interactive PDF

Rather than using both the gameboard and the interactive pdf together, you also have the option of using just the interactive pdf to work through the questions.

When you consider ways to use these ELA Digi-Games, this one is great for when you want students to work independently, as each student can work through the questions on their own computer. Since the questions are self-checking, students will get immediate feedback and be able to learn from the questions in the privacy of their own space and at their own pace.

#3 | Create Task Cards

In addition to using the games digitally as they were originally intended, you can also print the pdf with 4 pages per sheet to make task cards.

Once the game is divided into task cards, you can open up a whole bunch of new options. For example, you could have students play one of the games outlined in our 3 Unexpected Ways to Use Task Cards post.

#4 | Transition Game

Got 10 minutes before your next transition? 5 minutes? Bring up just the questions from the ELA Digi-Games and practice while you wait.

Ways to use these ELA Digi-Games (Pin)

#5 | Mix and Match with other Board Games

Other creative ways to use these ELA Digi-Games include creating hybrid games using the questions from the Digi-Games with gameboards from other games.

You can use the questions with any board game. 

Play the games as they were intended, but to earn the opportunity to move, students must answer the next question from the ELA Digi-Game. If the student gets the answer right, they can advance. If they don’t, they have to stay where they’re at.

Of the 5 ways to use these ELA Digi-Games, which are you most excited about? Intrigued by?

No matter how you’re using them, the questions in the ELA Digi-Games are great review questions and give students a chance to practice with immediate feedback, which we all know is a good recipe for learning in upper elementary. When you’re considering the ways to use these ELA Digi-Games, consider how much time you have, what other resources you have available, and whether or not your students need you to shake things up a bit and try something new.

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