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Gingerbread Fun for the Upper Elementary Classroom (Blog Post)

Gingerbread Fun for the Upper Elementary Classroom

Gingerbread Day is December 12, and we are ready to explore some Gingerbread fun for the upper elementary classroom! We are huge advocates of using as many different methods of engaging students as possible in the upper elementary classroom, especially if you are most of the way through the first

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Using Animated Shorts to Teach ELA Skills (Blog Posts)

Using Animated Shorts to Teach ELA Skills

Using animated shorts to teach ELA skills can be a fun way to engage students and practice skills in a way that allows students to see how another medium uses the same tools to tell a story. There is just something super magical about the way animated short films can

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November Holiday Activities and Ideas (Blog Post)

November Holiday Activities & Ideas

We are getting full swing into the holiday season with these November holiday activities and ideas! November is a busy month in the United States. Coming off of Halloween on the 31st (which you may have celebrated the first week of November) and then going into your first longer break

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10 low cost/no cost reward ideas for upper elementary students

Low-Cost/No-Cost Reward Ideas for Upper Elementary Students

When your students need to be encouraged and motivated, consider implementing some of these low-cost/no-cost reward ideas for upper elementary students! Although we wish that learning new things and growing in knowledge and understanding was enough to motivate our students all year long, deep down, we know that most people

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8 quiet ideas for early finishers after an assessment

Quiet Early Finisher Ideas for After an Assessment

Check out this large list of quiet early finisher ideas for after an assessment. You gotta love them… unless they’re bored, and then they can just be pure menaces. You know what I’m talking about… early finishers. Yep! Those kiddos just get it, and they are moving at a pace

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6 games for practicing the different types of sentences

6 Games for Practicing the Different Types of Sentences

These six games will allow your students to try their hand at practicing the different types of sentences in many different ways, including both identifying and creating different types of sentences. As students begin to develop their understanding of ELA concepts and writing, they have to take on practicing different

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October Holiday Activities and Ideas

October Holiday Activities and Ideas

Take the time to celebrate the fall with these many, many, many October holiday activities and ideas! October is a month of cool weather, spooky costumes, corn (both the vegetable and the candy variety), and many other fun and delicious traditions.  It is a delightful month to celebrate for a

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