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8 ways to use leftover candy in your classroom

8 Ways to Use Leftover Candy in Your Classroom

Looking for ways to use leftover candy in your classroom? This post provides many ideas for using candy in your classroom…many of which don’t actually result in anyone eating it. We’ve all been there… We handle the Halloween season like a boss.  At school, we’ve done holiday-inspired classroom activities (all

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ELA Graphic Organizers

50+ ELA Graphic Organizers for Upper Elementary

ELA Graphic Organizers are a fun way to get students to take notes, think through texts, and organize thoughts and consider all the thought that went into the writing about what they’re reading. Reading comprehension is difficult to teach. Especially when you are teaching reading comprehension with a focus on

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Holiday of the Day Writing Prompts

Holiday of the Day Writing Prompts

Every day is a holiday with these Holiday of the Day Writing Prompts for upper elementary. Did you know that as of August 2021 there are 12 federal holidays in the United States? Take a moment to see if you can come up with all 12. Want to see if you’re

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Halloween Glow Games

Halloween Glow Games for Upper Elementary

Make your classroom activities even more spooky and silly this year with these Halloween glow games ideas. There is no better time than Halloween to bust out your glow sticks and invisible ink and do Halloween glow games with your upper elementary classes. Glow sticks, necklaces, and bracelets never seem

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Must-Haves for Upper Elementary

Top MUST-HAVES for Upper Elementary

This list of must-haves for upper elementary teachers is the perfect to-do list as you prepare for the new year. Teaching elementary is a hard job that takes highly organized and creative people to keep all those kids both learning and engaged each day. I am frequently in awe over

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