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Teaching Figurative Language with Poems and Songs Blog Image

Teaching Figurative Language with Poems and Songs

Teaching figurative language with poems and songs shows kids how figurative language is naturally embedded into everyday life. Songs and poems are filled with figurative language and were always my favorite way to introduce and practice each type of figurative language. As I worked on fine-tuning my figurative language instruction

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Fact and Opinion Games (Blog Image)

7 Fact and Opinion Games for the Upper Elementary Classroom

Teaching and reviewing facts and opinions has never been more fun with these 7 fact and opinion games for upper elementary. Fact and opinion are difficult concepts to understand. With information coming at kids from all different directions, it is more important than ever to help students tell the difference

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Creating Custom Game Shows (Blog Image)

Creating Custom Game Shows using a Template 

While there are plenty of game shows out there for your students to use in class, sometimes creating custom game shows for your students is the best thing for your students! I have always loved using games with students.  It seems like games make even the dullest information so much

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12 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day (Blog Post)

12 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Help students understand their impact with these 12 ways to celebrate Earth Day! Although Earth Day is a specific holiday celebrated in April, you can truly celebrate Earth Day all month long with these 12 ideas for activities, lessons, and projects. #1 | Earth Day Close Reads In this Close

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5 Games You Can Play with ANY Set of Questions (Blog Post)

5 Games You Can Play with ANY Set of Questions 

Gamify your instruction by turning typical activities and lessons into games. Today, we’re introducing 5 games you can play with ANY set of questions from any subject area. Do you ever have days where your students are just not picking up anything you’re putting down? You know the kind of

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April-Themed Activities and Ideas for Upper Elementary

April-Themed Activities and Ideas for Upper Elementary

Check out these 20 April-themed activities and ideas for upper elementary that will keep your students guessing what might come next! April showers bring… a whole bunch of fun holidays to celebrate with your upper elementary students. Whether you are playing April Fools’ pranks on your students or setting goals

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How to Make ANY Reading Passage a Game Blog Image

How to Make any Reading Passage into a Game

If you are looking for more ways to engage your students during reading time, you’ll want to learn how to make any reading passage into a game using this donut-themed game board! Gamification continues to be a highly engaging and effective way to help students practice skills, and I am

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Activities for Increasing Students' Understanding of Volume Blog Image

7 Activities for Increasing Students’ Understanding of Volume

Get students interacting with their learning with these 7 activities for increasing students’ understanding of volume! One of the best things about teaching volume is that volume makes for a great hands-on activity. Whether students are manipulating blocks, filling containers with water, or playing games, they get lots of opportunities

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