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Digital Stickers to Motivate and Engage

When did digital stickers become a staple in our classrooms?

We use them to express our pride in our students’ work. To motivate. To encourage. To improve the mood of the classroom. We use them to express gratitude and show appreciation. We use them to decorate, show personality, and generally just to be silly sometimes.

Stickers are happy…and don’t we all need a little more happiness in our classrooms? That is why the team at Fun in 5th Grade has been putting so much effort into our newest product line…Digital Stickers

Yep. Now your teacher sticker obsession can transcend the physical space and encourage and motivate your students from afar.

Fun in 5th Grade Digital Sticker Activities

Our new digital stickers review activities help students engage and practice skills using editable Google Forms. To help our teachers out as much as possible, we’ve made these resources fully editable. Teachers can edit the questions as well as the information they collect from students.

Some of the greatest attributes of these forms are that not only are they self-checking, provide instant feedback, and are ‘no fail’ in style. In addition to all those things that teachers love, your students will love earning digital stickers as they get answers correct.

Let’s dig into one specific resource to see even more of the qualities that make this such a fun and engaging resource for upper elementary students.

Text Structure Digital Sticker Activity

What is in the resource?

Each set of Text Structure Digital Sticker activities includes 3 sets of 10 questions covering a range of text structure topics and examples. We include 3 sets because that allows teachers to use one set for introducing a skill, one for practice, and one for review! Each of the 30 questions is written in paragraph form to allow students to see the examples in context. 

The topics covered in this text structure activity include:

  • Cause and Effect
  • Chronological Sequence
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Description
  • Problem and Solution

The Text Structure Digital Sticker activity is not designed to be an assessment. Each question requires students to get the right answer before they can earn their sticker and move on. Although your grade book will look nice with all those perfect scores documented, this activity is not designed with ‘testing’ in mind. We do want teachers to have a chance to hear about their students’ experiences though, so we’ve included a simple self-reflection question at the end of each resource set. 

How can I use this resource?

Since these are fully digital, you can use these activities in the classroom or assign them virtually through Google Classroom. Use them as a whole group, small group, partner work, independently, or even as a quick pre-assessment bell-ringer.

Stickers aren’t just for in-person use anymore! It is time to take the mood-lifting magic of stickers to the digital space.

Who should purchase Digital Sticker Activities?

If you can answer yes to any of the questions below, you should strongly consider trying out our digital sticker activities:

  • Are you a teacher who wants students to become comfortable with interacting with digital resources?
  • Are you a teacher who is looking to boost your students’ engagement either in person or from a distance?
  • Are you a teacher who is looking for resources that are standards-aligned?
  • Are you a teacher who needs quality, computer-based test-prep resources?
  • Are you a teacher looking for distance learning resources?
  • Are you a teacher who wants to print less?

If you try out the digital sticker activities and love them, don’t be shy! What other topics would you like to see created into digital sticker activities? Let us know in the comments!

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