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Classroom Management

Back to School Building a Classroom Community Blog Image with elementary boy smiling at the camera

Back to School: Building a Classroom Community

Building a classroom community may just be the most important thing that you do this school year.  Back to school time is full of so many different lessons and activities…not to mention assessments, celebrations, and general get-to-know-yous. It is a time of the year that can be a bit stressful

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Ideas for using Giant UNO cards in the classroom blog image with a picture of a set of Giant UNO cards

Ideas for Using Giant UNO Cards in the Classroom

Use these GIANT UNO cards in the classroom for all the things this year with these 8 fun, hands-on ideas. We are obsessing over these Giant Uno cards! There is just something about oversized toys and games that makes our hearts melt and minds race with ideas. In fact, I

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Create a Country Activity Blog Image

End-of-Year Project: Create a Country Activity

What is more fun than creating a new world, with a new language, and rules that you get to make up? That is the kind of fun that students get to experience with this Create a Country activity! As a teacher, I’m constantly trying to think of ways to connect

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Ways to Start Your Day in Upper Elementary

5 Ways to Start Your Day in Upper Elementary

Get your class ready for the day with these 5 ways to start your day in upper elementary! It’s morning, the sun is out, and we are all ready to get this school day started! I wish. In reality, it is in the upper elementary grades that we start to

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