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Grammar Game Shows that Will Have Students Begging for MORE

Up-level how you teach grammar with these Grammar Game Shows that get students excited about mastering their grammar rules.

Let’s get totally honest with ourselves here; grammar worksheets and lessons can get super tedious.

It isn’t fun for students to get worksheets that look the same each day and have to work through them on their own and then wait until everyone is done to review them as a class.

The problem with these types of worksheets is that they are redundant, provide little to no opportunity for interaction, and often delay getting immediate feedback to students as they wait for the rest of the class to finish… or, even worse, turn it in and have to wait until much later to get any feedback on their work.

Don’t worry, though.

Because these Grammar Game Shows are a solution to your grammar practice woes.

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Why Students Love These Grammar Game Shows

With the introduction of Grammar Game Shows, students are given the opportunity to practice grammar in a fun, competitive environment that allows them the opportunity to practice the skills in a variety of ways.

Students like to keep tabs on their scores using the scoreboard, and they like having some choice over the topic and numbered questions they will try to answer.

Students also generally love playing games, so rather than the Grammar Game Shows feeling like work, they view playing the games as a treat.

Why Teachers Love These Grammar Game Shows

The Grammar Game Shows take everyday grammar practice and make it into an interactive game, complete with scoreboards!

Where old-style worksheets fall flat, the Grammar Game Show adds back the pizzazz. 

Immediate Feedback

The Grammar Game Shows provide immediate feedback in the form of built-in answer keys, so students will know immediately if they are on the right track or if they need to review a skill. 

They also include accountability sheets, so all students playing the game can write down their answers privately before seeing the answer displayed in the game. This allows teachers to use the students’ answers as a formative assessment, even if they weren’t sitting with them when they answered.

Small or Whole Group Options

Each Grammar Game Show has enough electronic ‘players’ for six teams or six individuals to play; however, the six players could be six teams if you are playing in a whole group setting. 

When you are first introducing and practicing a certain grammar skill, the game may best be played in teams where students can talk over their answers with others before displaying their group’s answer on a whiteboard, but as students become more comfortable with the content, these Grammar Game Shows can also be played in small groups during centers or when teachers are pulling students for small group work.

Many Grammar Topics to Choose From

The Grammar Game Shows are available in a bundle that includes all of the following grammar topics.

Check out the preview in each game to see more.

Additional Ways to Use the Grammar Game Shows

In addition to using the game shows the way they were intended, we also like to provide opportunities for teachers to take the resources and use them in different ways.

For example, the questions for the Grammar Game shows can be used as a daily check-in. Simply display one of the questions on the board as students enter the room at the beginning of the day, after recess, or after lunch, and ask them to write their answer on the back of a sticky note (with their name on the front), and stick it to the board where the question is displayed. Teachers can use these check-in moments as a quick assessment of the student’s skills without taking up additional class time.

You can also print the slides and use them in one of the ways that we suggest in this blog post about reusing and repurposing game show slides. The post provides 4 unique ideas for reusing game show slides in other ways throughout the year.

These Grammar Game Shows will change how you teach and review grammar, and students will appreciate your efforts! You can grab just one of the activities, or you can get the whole bundle to mix and match throughout the year for all of the most common upper elementary grammar units.

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