U-Know Mega Bundle Fun Review Games for Upper Elementary

U-Know Review Games Bundle – FUN Review Games for Upper Elementary


Over 30 U-Know games to help your students practice and master a wide variety of Math and ELA Skills!!


If you and your students LOVE U-Know then this bundle is for you!!! Kids love practicing their reading and math skills when they get to play these fun review games for upper elementary!!! Get so many U-know games in this one great, big, SUPER, MEGA bundle. Each set retails at $3.75, so you save a bunch by buying at once!

Please note: This is not an inclusive bundle. It does include all ELA games plus all math games that are not grade-level specific. Grade-level math bundles will be offered separately. Please look closely at what is included in this bundle before purchasing. If at any time I make more ELA games or any math games that are not for a specific grade, I will add them to this bundle.

Which games are included with this bundle?

Math {14 Games}

  • Addition Facts U-Know
  • Area and Perimeter U-Know
  • Division Facts U-Know
  • Fractions U-Know
  • Geometry U-Know
  • Key Word U-Know
  • Measurement U-Know
  • Multiplication Facts U-Know
  • Place Value U-Know {3 versions}
  • Rounding U-Know {whole Numbers and decimals}
  • Subtraction Facts U-Know {Freebie}
  • Telling Time U-Know

ELA (16 Games}

  • Author’s Purpose U-Know {3 Types}
  • Author’s Purpose U-Know {5 Types}
  • Cause and Effect U-Know
  • Context Clues Set A U-Know
  • Context Clues Set B U-Know
  • Critical Nouns and Verbs U-Know {Test Prep Vocabulary}
  • ELA Vocabulary Review U-Know {Freebie}
  • Fact and Opinion U-Know
  • Figurative Language U-Know
  • Greek & Latin Roots U-Know
  • Idiom U-Know
  • Prefix and Suffix U-Know
  • Nonfiction Text Features U-Know
  • Nonfiction Text Structure U-Know
  • Synonyms and Antonyms U-Know
  • Theme U-Know

What do you get in each set?

  • U-Know Cards (Color): 56 color cards practicing whatever the skill may be for that set.
  • U-Know Cards (Print Friendly): 56 black and white cards practicing whatever the skill may be for that set.
  • Direction Sheet: Step-by-step instructions for playing the game
  • “Types of Special Cards” sheet: A page explaining how the special cards work. (Draw 2, Skip, Reverse, and Wilds)
  • Answer Key: One page with all of the answers for each card listed.
  • Accountability Pages: Pages for students to record answers. Available with both grids and no grids.
  • “Cheat Sheet”: In most sets. Use for differentiation.
  • Back of Cards Design: Print on the backs of the cards to make the double-sided.

What is U-Know? Fun review games for upper elementary!

U-Know is a fun and engaging card game where students practice topics in a repetitive way. I also use U-Know in math stations throughout the year to spiral concepts for students. U-Know comes in MANY topics! So, once students learn the game, it will become a self-run station!

U-Know is played with students matching color/number to the card the previous player put down. Once they put their card down, they must read and answer. If correct, play moves on. If incorrect, the player draws 2 new cards and play moves on. Students check answers with the included answer key.

Not sure? With 100’s of positive reviews combined, let these U-Know customers help you!

“I’ve purchased a lot over the last couple of years, but this is by far my favorite purchase! The kids love these games as much as I do. They like this better than the original game!”

“Well thought out! Excellent product and enjoyed by all my fourth graders!”

“Wow! My students are in love with this game! Thank you!”

“Love that the students can practice the skill without doing a worksheet! Fun resource!”

“This is very well done and looks like SO much fun! I wish I could give an A+!”

Still not sure? You can try TWO U-Know Games for free! They’re located in my Freebie Library, along with many other goodies.

Find out more on how to use them in the classroom:


Math and ELA Super Mega Bundle U-Know Review Games


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U-Know Mega Bundle Fun Review Games for Upper Elementary

U-Know Review Games Bundle – FUN Review Games for Upper Elementary