Read, Write, & Compare Decimals Digital Puzzles {5.NBT.3} 5th Grade


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Puzzling over how to make math review both fun and effective?  These differentiated, digital measurement puzzles for practicing and understanding how to read, write, & compare decimals (5.NBT.3) will provide your students with an engaging way to build their math skills in a way that feels like a game! Use on ANY DEVICE with an internet connection!

You’ll get 3 puzzles with 3 different levels (easy, medium, hard) to make differentiation a cinch. Decide which level to provide to each student, then watch as they work to match the movable puzzle pieces to the correct answers. Students will be motivated to correctly answer the questions in order to form the final puzzle image. The self-checking puzzles make this resource great for small groups, centers, and virtual learning.

With 12 questions in each of the 3 puzzles, you can easily assess whether or not students are mastering the standard.  Try having them start with the easiest puzzle and level them up once they’re ready for a challenge!

☆ Features of these Read, Write, and Compare Decimals Math Review Puzzles ☆

  • Digital (no printing)
  • Works in any browser
  • Works on any device
  • Self-checking
  • Immediate feedback
  • Academically engaging
  • Easy access

What is included?

  • 3 self-checking puzzles to practice reading, writing, & comparing decimals (5.NBT.3) (see the preview for types of problems)
    • Puzzle 1: (Easy) Students will match an answer piece to its correct question. (easiest problems)
    • Puzzle 2: (Medium) Students will match an answer piece to its correct question (harder problems).
    • Puzzle 3: (Hard) Students will match an answer piece to its correct question (hardest problems).
  • Versions included:
    • Web Based
    • Google Slides
    • PowerPoint
  • Recording Sheet: Accountability piece for students
  • Teacher’s Manual: Everything you need to know about this resource and MORE!
    • Instructions for using
    • Options for use
    • Accountability ideas
    • Video overview of the resource
    • Teacher & Students Instructions
    • Answer Key
    • Email Support

☆ Options for Use in the Classroom ☆

  • Partner Work
  • Small Groups
  • Centers
  • Early Finishers
  • Independent Practice
  • 1:1 Classrooms
  • Distance Learning
  • Assessments
  • Test Prep or Review

☆ Perfect for: ☆

  • Teachers who want students to become comfortable with interacting with digital resources
  • Teachers looking for an EASY way to utilize digital resources with their classes
  • Teachers who want to print less
  • Teachers looking for resources that are standards-aligned
  • Teachers who need quality standards-aligned test-prep resources, center activities, practice, or review that is fun and engaging
  • Teachers looking for distance learning resources


5.NBT.3 Read Write and Compare Decimals Digital Puzzles PREVIEW


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Read, Write, & Compare Decimals Digital Puzzles {5.NBT.3} 5th Grade