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Back to School Math Review Centers for 5th Grade

These Back to School Math Review Centers make assessing easy in 5th grade as teachers and student gear up for a new year!

As you are looking for activities for the beginning of the school year, make sure to consider math center activities from the grade below the one you teach. Meaning if you teach 5th grade, consider math centers from 4th grade, or if you teach 6th grade, consider beginning the year with some math centers geared toward 5th grade.

Using math centers from the previous grade at the beginning of the year allows students to review previously learned information, and teachers are able to assess where students are at and what they have retained from the previous year.

We have lots of great math review centers at Fun in 5th Grade, but one of the best ones for the beginning of the year is this one!

These Back to School Math Centers are school themed and based on common core standards from 4th grade making them the perfect review activity for 5th grade at the beginning of the year or as a pre-assessment for 4th graders.

Assessing 4th-grade skills

This Back to School Math Centers Resource includes 8 different centers each with its own recording sheet that matches the theme of the center. 

The centers review several 4th-grade standards and topics including the following:

  • reading and writing numbers in different ways
  • adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers
  • comparing whole numbers and decimals
  • adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals
  • adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions
  • converting units of measurement
  • word problems using measurement
  • computing area and perimeter
  • lines, rays, line segments
  • types of angles and lines
  • quadrilaterals
  • symmetry
back to school math review centers

How to use the center activities

The cards that come as a part of this resource can be used in many different ways.

They can be paired with a board game, read aloud to the whole class, used with early finishers as a review,  or you can play SCOOT with them. 

For more ways to use cards like these, consider reading this post about unexpected ways to use task cards or they can be used in some of the activities from this post on repurposing slides in the classroom

Each center activity can be used with the included gameboards and students can work independently or in groups as the answer keys are included and can be printed off for student use.

Fun themes keep students engaged

Each center aligns with a different back to school theme.

  • Sticky Operations (with a glue bottle theme) asks students to review all operations using whole numbers. The questions include both word problems and straight computation.
  • Grand Geometry (with a notebook theme) allows students the opportunity to review geometry concepts by identifying different parts of images and shapes.
  • Marking Multi-Step Word Problems (with a marker theme) includes 16 multi-step word problems full of real-world mathematical scenarios.
  • Crayon Fractions (with a crayon theme) reviews factors, multiplying, and simplifying fractions using simple questions.
  • Crayon Measurement (with a crayon theme) reviews a variety of measurement questions and scenarios that cover both metric and standard measurement forms.
  • Ruling Number Sense (with a ruler theme) gives students a chance to review place value and different ways of writing numbers including practice in both standard and expanded forms.
  • To the Point Area and Perimeter (with a pencil theme) digs deep into area and perimeter and asks students to find both through a variety of questions.
  • To the Point Equivalent Fractions (with a pencil theme) reviews the most common equivalent fractions. 
back to school math review centers for 5th grade

5th-grade teachers are loving them!

We decided to create a post formally introducing these resources after so many teachers left positive reviews on this resource talking about how they are using these review centers in their 5th-grade classes. This is what just a few of them had to say…

To take a closer look at the Back to School Math Review Centers resource, check out the previews at the Fun in 5th Grade Tpt Store!

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