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Fun Rounding Activities for Upper Elementary with an image of the Halloween Rounding Freebie in the background

5 Fun Rounding Activities for Upper Elementary

Use these 5 fun rounding activities for upper elementary to supplement your rounding lessons this year. Rounding numbers is something that always seems like it should be so easy, but it takes some practice for this skill to come easily to students. Good rounding instruction includes a good introduction of

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Fun Math Assessments for 4th and 5th Grade Blog Image with an tablet example of the Daily Math Warm Ups in the background

Fun Math Assessments for 4th and 5th Grade

Need some fun math assessments for 4th and 5th grade? Try these daily Math Warm Ups! How do you make a math assessment not feel like a math assessment? Math assessments are an integral part of the 4th and 5th grade experience.  Since in 4th and 5th grade students are

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Ideas for using Giant UNO cards in the classroom blog image with a picture of a set of Giant UNO cards

Ideas for Using Giant UNO Cards in the Classroom

Use these GIANT UNO cards in the classroom for all the things this year with these 8 fun, hands-on ideas. We are obsessing over these Giant Uno cards! There is just something about oversized toys and games that makes our hearts melt and minds race with ideas. In fact, I

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Everyday Fractions Image of Fruit halves

Everyday Fractions Activity for Upper Elementary

Rather than setting up the perfect center or assigning a worksheet, use this everyday fractions activity along with its many variations to help your students learn and identify fractions all around them. Many of the concepts we teach in upper elementary are really about learning to understand what is happening

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Halloween Glow Games

Halloween Glow Games for Upper Elementary

Make your classroom activities even more spooky and silly this year with these Halloween glow games ideas. There is no better time than Halloween to bust out your glow sticks and invisible ink and do Halloween glow games with your upper elementary classes. Glow sticks, necklaces, and bracelets never seem

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Back to School Math Review Centers for 5th Grade

Back to School Math Review Centers for 5th Grade

These Back to School Math Review Centers make assessing easy in 5th grade as teachers and student gear up for a new year! As you are looking for activities for the beginning of the school year, make sure to consider math center activities from the grade below the one you

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