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Build Structure into Your Upper Elementary Class with Close Reads

Build Structure into Your Upper Elementary Class with Close Reads

Use these 36 passages to build structure into your upper elementary class with close reads!

Having good classroom procedures and consistent tasks in elementary school is important, and the types of activities students do can help support that structure.

Today, we’re talking about how you can build structure into your upper elementary class with close reads.

Why close reads?

I like close reads for building structure because you can pick close reads based on seasons, holidays, or even topics students like to learn and read about.

In this 36 passage close read bundle organized by monthly themes, students will get to explore a whole bunch of topics, including…

  • January (topics: fireworks, polar bears, blizzards)
  • February (topics: Miller Bros., Muhammad Ali, chocolate
  • March (topics: basketball, daylight savings, Katherine Johnson)
  • April (topics: butterflies, rainbows, baseball)
  • May (topics: ladybugs, kites, sunscreen)
  • June (topics: swimming, ice cream, turtles)
  • July (topics: island, sharks, American Flag)
  • August (topics: camping, bees, sandcastles)
  • September (topics: soccer, buses, sunflowers)
  • October (topics: fall, spiders, bats)
  • November (topics: acorns, pumpkin pie, cornucopia)
  • December (topics: penguins, candy canes, ice hockey)

Although all of the passages in this bundle are themed by month, we also have other bundles themed by holiday, everyday topics, or even the ALL ACCESS bundle!

Click on the images below to see what each bundle includes.

Use Close Reads to Build Structure into your Upper Elementary Class

Use close reads in your class each week on the same day to give students some idea of what to expect. 

If your students know that Friday is close read day, then they will be looking for the close read to pick up at the table near the door, or they will know exactly where to look if they are doing the digital version of the close reads on their computers.

They will also know what they will need.

Each of the close read passages in our bundles are differentiated with three different levels of the same passage. Since students do this every week, they will know what level they need, or you can even have packets ‘pre-made’ for students who are going to have a different level than others.

Our close reads also include mystery pictures that students can color as they answer questions about the passage. 

When students do the passages each week, they will know that when they come into the room for close reading time, they need to get their marker or crayon boxes, their passages, and a pencil. They may also grab their close read bookmarks or guides if that is something you are willing to laminate and keep available to students.

A Variety of Topics = Better Engagement

Since each passage will be completely different and many are themed to topics that are related to that month or an upcoming holiday, the close reads will engage students each time they work through them.

The topics and themes can range quite a bit, so students will not know what to expect each week.

You can also use our extensive library of resources or the ALL ACCESS bundle to find a close read that aligns with a topic you’re already studying in class!

Build Structure into Your Upper Elementary Class with Close Reads

Weekly Test Prep Ready to Go

Lastly, and probably most importantly, when you build structure into your upper elementary class with close reads, you are giving students weekly test prep opportunities. 

Since each close read plays out similarly to reading passages and questions used on state tests, you know your students will have plenty of exposure to this style of questioning based on passages. 

Each close read also includes questions based on a variety of grade-level appropriate reading skills, so students will get lots of practice and be ready to go for testing!

If you’re ready to build structure into your upper elementary class with close reads, then make sure to check out our monthly bundle as well as the other bundles available at the Fun in 5th Grade TPT Store!

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