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Holiday-Themed ELA Skill Review Activities You Can Use Throughout the Year

Let the celebrations continue with these holiday-themed ELA skill review activities that you can use throughout the year.

A lot of times, when we think of the holiday season, we think of the winter months here in the US. We focus on the obvious holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, and Halloween, but there are plenty of holidays sprinkled in throughout the year.

So today, I want to show some love to a bunch of different holidays! 

With so many holidays to celebrate throughout the year, we don’t want to keep our celebrations limited to only the latter half of the year, and with these holiday-themed ELA skill review activities, you can spread the love all year long while also doing some test prep, and keeping students focused on their Language Arts skills.

Holiday-Themed ELA Skill Review Activities

Holiday-Themed ELA Skill Review Activities: Game Shows

Let’s start with a resource that could be used any time of the year!

This ELA Skill Review MINI Game Show will set the stage for some learning about holidays while also having a little friendly competition with others in the class as students answer a variety of questions related to ELA in a jeopardy-style setting.

In addition to the MINI Game Show above, we also have a whole bunch of different holiday-themed game shows, including Earth Day, Mardi Gras, and so much more.

Each Game Show focuses on ELA Skills while also providing some history about the holiday or time period it is discussing. 

Here is the full list of our holiday-ish ELA skill game shows for your perusal.

Remember, this list only includes the game shows that focus on ELA skills and are holiday-themed. If you want more holiday-inspired game shows, or you want to get the best deal, be sure to check out the full all-access game show bundle and the ELA skills game show bundle by clicking on the links!

ELA Skill Review Digital Sticker Activities

In addition to game shows, we also have some digital, self-checking, individual activities that will provide students with ELA Skill Review while also building up some holiday cheer.

Sticker Style activities allow students to collect stickers as they answer questions and practice different ELA Skills. As with the game shows, we also have a bunch of different Sticker Style holiday resources to choose from when looking for holiday-themed ELA Skill review activities.

Here are a few of our holiday-inspired resources!

Holiday-Themed ELA Skill Review Activities (1)

Holiday-Themed ELA Skill Writing Activities 

Of course, I would be remiss to talk about holiday-themed ELA skill review activities if I didn’t mention the Holiday of the Day Writing Prompt bundle

With a full set of writing prompts that celebrate a holiday every day of the year, this resource will get students writing about highly engaging and often super obscure holidays. With silly holidays like National Ice Cream Day or inspiring holidays like Thank You Note Day, students will practice their writing and learn something new! Take a closer look at the full bundle here!

With a holiday every day for a whole year, you may be in the mood to try using the writing prompts in different ways. In this blog post, we talk about some of our ideas for using the Holiday of the Day Writing Prompts.

School can often feel like it moves slowly, but keeping celebrations and holidays as a part of the classroom environment, and mixing those holidays in with some dedicated review and learning, will help pick students up and make the school year an ongoing party (even when it is just ELA skill review packaged up in a holiday-themed package!)

Personally, I think reading is so much more fun when you’re earning Valentine’s candy heart stickers along the way!

To get the best deal on these holiday-themed ELA skill review activities, be sure to watch for bundles as you peruse the store and start planning your next holiday season!

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