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Fun Text Structure Review Games

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Fun text structure review games to help your students build their confidence around identifying and analyzing text structure.

Let’s be honest. Identifying text structure isn’t always the most interesting topic to teach, but as our students’ understanding grows and evolves, so do our activities. Plus, as we move past the introduction and into the review, the games just get more fun!

If your students are at the beginning of their text structure journey, then I would highly recommend taking a gander through the blog post Text Structure Activities Students will Love, as that post talks about introducing vocabulary through a flipbook and beginning to teach text structure concepts. We also go into depth on how we introduce and practice text structure our post all about Introducing Text Structure in 5 Days.

In today’s post, however, we are taking it one step beyond learning about text structure and introducing it as a new concept to students; instead, we are talking about fun text structure review games that you can easily incorporate into your school year with little to no prep time, and quickly adapt for almost any classroom environment.

Fun Text Structure Review Games and Resources

To start, just to keep things easy, we have a FREE Mini Game that you can download right now.

Although it is set up to be a board game with an included game board, you can also use it with one of these fun ways to reuse or repurpose task cards in the classroom. The game includes a gameboard and a series of game cards students will use to test their knowledge of text structure while also playing against an opponent.

No Prep, Individual Fun

Next, let’s talk a little more about activities built within Google Forms. These activities are self-checking and make students find the right answer before they are allowed to continue with the activity. We have many fun review games that use this tool to help students review, but today we’re going to focus on just one of those games.

The Text Structure Sticker Style activity encourages students to work through ten questions and identify the type of text structure being used in the passages.

Students earn colorful stickers to cover their digital notebooks as they work through the questions. One of my favorite features of this resource is the immediate feedback. If students get a question wrong, they are automatically prompted to go back and try their hand at the question again. 

Ah! The power of Google Forms!

Are you ready for some competition?!

If you are to the point where you’re reviewing text structure with your students, then you may also be ready for some competition (friendly of course). 

If you are looking for something that looks and sounds like a TV game show, then you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at our Text Structure Game Shows. With two different levels to choose from, you can pick whichever one provides the types of questions you know your students are most ready for, or you can use both levels to allow for better differentiation.

If you want to make your classroom even more ‘Game Show ready,’ then you will definitely want to read this blog post all about Upleveling your Game Shows! We’re talking sound and lights, and all the goodies that make for a great game show.

Lastly, if you have some small-group opportunities prepared or maybe even some pair time, then you may want to get your hands on this Text Structure Digital Review Game with an interactive game board. Students will move their pieces around the game board as they answer text structure-related questions. This game is colorful, cheery, and with a built-in dice rolling feature, it is ready to go from the moment you open it on your computer.  

Text structure is an ongoing concept that will just keep popping up in your students’ academic career, but you can create a solid foundation early on with a series of interactive, fun text structure review games that are high interest, provide immediate feedback, and are no extra work for the teacher to implement.

For even more ideas on how to teach text structure, we have a special post all about using Teaching Text Structure while Learning About Video Games that you may want to check out!

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