2D Shapes Game Show

2D Shapes Game Show 5th Grade Math Review Game 5.G.3 + 5.G.4


Have fun and engage students while reviewing with this 2D Shapes Game Show for 5th grade!

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Take math review days from dull to dazzling with this Jeopardy-style classroom game! This highly engaging 2D Shapes Game Show PowerPoint makes the skill of working with and understanding 2D shapes something that students are EXCITED to do!

My class CHEERS when they see this game in the plans. Students will be listening to your every word as they work hard to earn points for their team.  It’s a win-win for you and your students: you have a no-prep activity that practices important standards and kids will have FUN and be challenged to use higher-level thinking skills as they move their way through the scaffolded questions and categories!

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☆ Game Features 

  • 25 Question Slides: various questions reviewing two-dimensional shapes in different ways
  • 25 Answer Slides: answers to the 25 question slides that link from each question to the answer
  • Game Board Slide: all question categories and amounts (click to go to a question and amounts will disappear as they are used)
  • Scoreboard Slide: track points for each team with a WORKING SCOREBOARD!
  • Buttons on EVERY SLIDE that will take you back to the game board or scoreboard.
  • Reset Page Buttons: to reset the scoreboard and game board back to their original state so you can save if you don’t get to finish the game without worrying about resetting it when you play with a new group.


You must have Powerpoint installed on your computer OR access to Google Slides in order to use this resource.

  • Versions included with this resource:
    • PowerPoint file WITH Macros (working gameboard and scoreboard) *Recommended*
    • Google version (Track your own questions used and points)
  • Teacher’s manual is included.
  • This file is NOT EDITABLE.

*Due to the technical nature of this resource, you may test out the PowerPoint version before you buy to see if your computer and your version of Powerpoint can handle the games! Download the Sample Game Show Test File! ***Click here to do that***

☆ Game Categories and Questions for 2D Shapes Game Show

(See the preview to check out every question)

  • TRUE OR FALSE?: consists of a variety of questions where students need to determine if the given statement about 2D figures is true or false
  • CLASSIFY: consists of a variety of questions where students need to classify the given shapes in as many ways as they can
  • IDENTIFY: consists of a variety of questions where students are given a shape or a description of a shape and students need to identify the shape or explain why it fits into a certain category
  • THIS OR THAT?: consists of a variety of questions where students are given a statement and 2 figures and they need to determine which is correct
  • TRIANGLES: consists of a variety of questions where students are given a triangle and they need to classify it by its sides or its angles

Options for Use

  • Learning Centers/Small Groups: Set up a device for students to play the game
  • Test Prep Activity: Use any time of year to prepare for unit tests or state tests. Great for spiraling content throughout the year.
  • Virtual Learning: Share your screen with students and view the game
  • Whole Group Assessment/Review: Display the game on a large screen and put students into groups *see below

I play this game a little differently when in whole group. I like to have all students ENGAGED and REVIEWING every question.  So, I do this by having each team answer every question. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Divide students into groups of up to six teams.
  2. One team chooses the category and amount. EVERYONE answers the questions with their groups and records their answer on their whiteboards.
  3. The team whose turn it is shows me their answer. If correct, I award them the points. If incorrect, any team that has the correct answer can go for the steal and get the points for that question.
  4. Then the next team gets to choose the category and points.


You will receive the resource in a zip file. Click HERE for helpful tips to download and access zip files.

If you have any issues or problems after purchase, please email me at [email protected]. I would love to help you get this FUN and ENGAGING game started in your classroom!

☆ TERMS OF USE – © Fun in 5th Grade & MORE 

This item is a paid digital download from Fun in 5th Grade & MORE

As such, it is for use in one classroom only. This item is also bound by copyright laws. Redistributing, editing, selling, or posting this item (or any part thereof) on the Internet is strictly prohibited without first gaining permission from the author. Violations are subject to the penalties of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.’=

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2D Figures Game Show PREVIEW


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2D Shapes Game Show

2D Shapes Game Show 5th Grade Math Review Game 5.G.3 + 5.G.4