Geometry Task Cards & Game Math Review


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Geometry can be fun to practice with Geometry Task Cards! Play as a game with the included game-board, use for scoot, or use with almost any game! They are so engaging and versatile and can be used as review or test prep for geometry!

Covers topics such as:

  •  symmetry
  •  congruence
  •  transformations
  •  lines, rays, points
  •  angles
  •  polygons
  •  quadrilaterals
  •  parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines

What’s included?

  •  32 geometry task cards
  •  Recording Sheet
  •  Answer Key
  •  Game Board

→Variety of practice with both word problems and straight computation←

So many uses!!!

  •  Use as a center
  •  Use with a board game
  •  Play a game with the whole class
  •  Play SCOOT
  •  Early finishers to practice/review
  •  Treasure Hunt

✰These cards will look awesome in color but will also work well in gray scale. Print on colored card stock to bring up the aesthetic value if you have to print in gray scale.


Geometry Set 1 Task Cards PREVIEW


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Geometry Task Cards & Game Math Review