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Introducing Genre in 5 Days

Introducing Genre in 5 Days

One of the staples of the beginning of the year, is spending a little time introducing genre. This post provides you with five days of activities that will give your students a firm genre foundation. What is your favorite genre of movies? Books? How do you know you love that

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Introducing Character Traits in 5 days

Introducing Character Traits in 5 Days

Let’s break down our 5-day process for introducing character traits to your upper elementary students! If you were a character in a book, what traits would a reader use to describe you? Are you cheerful, ambitious, and decisive? Perhaps you are the character who is gentle, foolish, and happy. I

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5 Reasons to Start the Year with close Reads

5 Reasons to Start the Year with Close Reads

Let’s dig into 5 reasons you should start the year with close reads in your upper elementary class. From learning processes to building community, these close reads are perfect for back-to-school! A new school year means a new class and a gaggle of new faces to learn and love. I

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Introducing Text Structure in 5 days

Introducing Text Structure in 5 Days

Today we are going to address one of the big dogs of upper elementary reading education…introducing text structure. When I think about reading comprehension, I frequently consider the skills taught to be like a ladder. In education, we typically use the term ‘scaffolding’ when talking about supporting students as they

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Introducing Figurative Language in 5 days

Figurative Language in 5 Days

Teaching figurative language in 5 days is as easy as following this simple recipe. Are you a person who likes a recipe or are you one of those people who walks into the kitchen with a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach to baking? Personally, I like the recipe. I like knowing tried and

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Reimagining Close Reads

Reimagining Close Reads in Upper Elementary

At Fun in 5th Grade, we are always reimagining close reads whether it is with mystery pictures, new monthly close read sets, or with new implementation strategies. Today we are adding a little ‘spice’ to classroom implementation. One of the best analogies I’ve ever heard regarding close reading is that

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Our Favorite Graphic Novels for the Classroom

You’ve gotta love a good graphic novel. The quick pace, fun images, and quirky dialogue make graphic novels incredibly engaging for both adults and kids.  After taking on the black sheep role in acceptable literature, graphic novels have made a fierce comeback. Now graphic novels are a staple in the

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Teaching Theme in Upper Elementary

5+ new ideas for teaching theme in upper elementary. Use these suggestions for activities, scaffolding, projects, and review to give your students a firm foundation for identifying theme in literature. We teach our students lessons every day, but when it comes to teaching them to FIND the lesson (or theme)

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