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Halloween-Themed Review Activities for Upper Elementary

Get in the spirit of the holiday with these Halloween-themed review activities for upper elementary.

With all the candy, costumes, and fall decor, Halloween is truly one of the most fun holidays to celebrate with students, but we can’t let this fun, spooky holiday creep into too much class time. Unless…we find a way to make celebrating the Halloween season educational.

Luckily, we have found many ways to do exactly that!

Halloween Glow Games

Glow-in-the-Dark Fun

I have seen a lot of really fun ways to celebrate Halloween, but one of my all-time favorite ways to celebrate is with some classroom glow-in-the-dark games! This is actually an idea that came to us from a teacher who purchased several of our Halloween resources.

To set up Halloween glow-in-the-dark games in your classroom, use glow sticks, black lights, neon colors, and highlighters to make the classroom activities glow in the dark.

Halloween-Themed Review Activities for Upper Elementary

Using these materials with Halloween-themed resources is an awesome way to keep Halloween education but also super fun at the same time. If you want to learn even more about Halloween glow games, we talk about how glow games can work with many of our math resources in this post. Plus, you can see some photos straight from the classroom!

Halloween-Themed Resources

Even though it’s still early, we have already gotten fully into the spirit of Halloween over here at Fun in 5th Grade, and we have a bunch of super fun, Halloween-themed review activities for upper elementary covering both ELA and Math skills and standards. Below we have curated a list of activities that are a mix of both digital and printable resources to meet whatever needs, time constraints, or skills you may need to consider as you plan your Halloween season.

4+ Halloween-Themed  Review Activities for Upper Elementary

This is a candy-themed game with task cards that can be used as review or test prep for practicing rounding whole numbers and decimals!

Halloween Close Reads with Mystery Pictures

Use these Halloween-themed close reading comprehension passages AND included mystery pictures to celebrate and educate students about the holiday of Halloween! Remember, each close read set is differentiated for different levels of readers giving you the ability just to enjoy the activity with your students.

3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Halloween Digital Math Puzzles

These math review puzzles will spice up those mathematical moments around Halloween time while still providing practice students need to master standards. These puzzles work on ANY DEVICE with an internet connection and students will get plenty of practice solving these numbers and operations in base 10 standards! This set includes 3 standards-aligned puzzles to engage your students in practicing these important skills in a fun way!

3rd Grade
4th Grade

Since we have sets for each grade level, you can use the other sets to differentiate as needed!

Halloween-themed ELA Digital Sticker-Style Skill Review

For many students, ELA skill review can be scary, but this Halloween-themed ELA review activity makes this topic a whole lot more fun!

Students will work their way through the questions and earn digital stickers as they get correct answers. Incorrect answers will prompt them to go back and try again. The self-checking part of this activity makes it a perfect activity for centers or station work.

Halloween-Themed Review Activities for Upper Elementary Facebook Post with a ghost background and pictures of four of the resources

Halloween doesn’t have to get in the way of teaching standards and skills in your classroom. In fact, these Halloween-themed review activities for upper elementary students actually use the holiday to make learning even more fun.

For more ideas, check out our post on Halloween Activity that Teach!

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