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The Category is…MATH. 15 Math Game Shows for 5th Graders

These 15 Math Game Shows for 5th graders will help you work with your standards while engaging and energizing your students.

If you teach math in 5th grade, you know that there are a lot of standards that you need to cover to make sure your students are ready to move on to the next grade level. 

Math is hard to teach and even harder to keep lively and entertaining, but the importance of teaching math and helping students to master math skills and concepts is undeniably important especially in upper elementary as students are learning basic concepts such as fractions and decimals that will be built upon for years to come.

In order to keep all the math skills students are learning fresh and to give students lots of opportunities to practice and review the skills, teachers have to have a whole host of ideas, strategies, and resources to layer together into good daily lesson plans.

In my classes, we typically followed the same general math schedule. You can see the entire layout of our math block in this blog post, but essentially, it looked like this…

  1. Warm-ups
  2. Direct or guided Instruction
  3. Independent practice
  4. Small groups and center activities

15 Math Game Shows for 5th Grade

If your schedule looks anything like mine, then I know you are always looking for awesome activities that will work well for that individual work time or in centers, so we have created a whole series of Math Game Shows to fill exactly that need!

Our Game Shows are perfect for the teachers who…

  • Want to review the 5th-grade standards in a fun and engaging way?
  • Are looking for a consistent game to use in math class for students to review? (You can teach the game once and then use them all year long!)
  • Knows you have students who are motivated by games and a little friendly competition.

15 Math Game Shows for 5th Graders

We have 15 math game shows for 5th graders that cover the different 5th-grade math concepts and standards. This is the full list of activities that are currently available.

++PLUS++ if you are interested in several of them, you can buy them in a bundle and get a discount!

What is included with each game?

Each game includes 25 questions that work in a Jeopardy-style game show. The game is easily downloaded as a PowerPoint, and when used with the macro feature includes a WORKING SCOREBOARD with space for up to 6 different characters or groups.


These game shows can be used in small groups, as an individual review activity, or as a fun way to introduce new content to a large group of students (who play the game in groups). Although the game show activities listed above are based on 5th grade standards, we never put ‘5th Grade’ on them, so if you want to use them as an extension activity for a lower grade or a review for an older grade level, these will still work exactly the same.

We have written a few posts that may be helpful as you get started using game shows in class, either in person or in a virtual setting. First, check out Tips for Playing Games in the Classroom, and then, you may be interested in learning more about How to Play Classroom Game Shows in a Virtual Setting.

We hope these game shows help make teaching and working on math concepts more fun!

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