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Test Prep

Ideas for using Giant UNO cards in the classroom blog image with a picture of a set of Giant UNO cards

Ideas for Using Giant UNO Cards in the Classroom

Use these GIANT UNO cards in the classroom for all the things this year with these 8 fun, hands-on ideas. We are obsessing over these Giant Uno cards! There is just something about oversized toys and games that makes our hearts melt and minds race with ideas. In fact, I

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5 Fun Ways to Spiral Concepts in Upper Elementary Image with game board and pieces in image

5 Fun Ways to Spiral Concepts in Upper Elementary

Spiral concepts in upper elementary without becoming redundant or dull with these 5 fun activities! We often talk about spiraling concepts in upper elementary, and it is our belief that spiraling concepts help to promote the long-term retention of skills and a deeper understanding of ideas and content. When we

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Test Prep Strategies for Reading in Upper Elementary Blog Image with image of download

Test Prep Strategies for Reading

Get your students ready for the testing season with these test prep strategies for reading in upper elementary. To play the game well, you have to know the rules. True test prep is all about knowing the rules so you can help your students increase the odds of success. Playing

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ELA Game Show Bundle for Test Prep Blog Image with context clues image in background

How to use the ELA Game Show Bundle for Test Prep

Keep your upper elementary class interested and intrigued all spring long by using this ELA Game Show Bundle for test prep. Sometimes we think that test prep season has to be full of serious, test-focused lessons that ensure our students will be prepared for anything the testing masters decide to

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Test Prep Fun with Close Reads Blog Image with Close Read worksheets and plants

Test Prep Fun with Close Reads

Let’s make test prep fun with Close Reads! Close Reads allow teachers to feel confident that students are prepping for their standardized tests while engaging students in topics that interest them! When many of us think back to the time when we decided to become teachers, we often reminisce about

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Playing Task Card Hopscotch Blog Image with Chalk Hopscotch outline on concrete background

Playing Task Card Hopscotch

Get outside and play a bit this year by reusing your task cards (or U-KNOW decks) and Game Show Slides to play this Task Card Hopscotch. Sometimes it is the game we played as a child paired with a good set of task cards that makes for the best classroom

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Test Prep for Upper Elementary (The 30-Day Plan) Image with a hand writing on a calendar near a computer

Test Prep in Upper Elementary: The 30 Day Plan

Test prep in upper elementary is a necessary part of the educational process, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun, or that it needs to look the same every day. When I was teaching upper elementary, we tried to allot 15-30 minutes every day for test prep or

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U-KNOW 'War' Activities image with pictures of the U-KNOW cards

U-KNOW ‘War’ Activities for Upper Elementary

If you are wanting to spice up those U-KNOW review games, this game of U-KNOW ‘War’ may be exactly the thing to keep your students engaged! What is your favorite card game? Many of us have that one memory of playing a card game with grandparents or sitting up late

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