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June Holiday Activities and Ideas

Celebrate summer with these June holiday activities and ideas!

June is a fun month! In the US, the weather is getting significantly better; for some, it is the last month of school, which means it is time to celebrate.

If you are looking for some fun ways to celebrate June, then this is the post for you!

As always, I strongly recommend that you take a look at our June Holiday-of-the-Day Writing Prompts as a way of practicing writing every day while also bringing attention to the June holidays! 

Click here to learn more about the June Holiday-of-the-Day Writing Prompts.

Now, let’s start with some special June Holiday Activities!

June Holiday Activities and Ideas (FB)

June Holiday Activities and Ideas for Upper Elementary

6/3 World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day is a great day to bring in a police officer and learn about bicycle safety. In addition to learning about bicycle safety, ask students to bring in pictures of themselves on their bikes to share with their peers.

6/4 National Cheese Day

Yum! Cheese!

This June Holiday is a great day to do a cheese sampling. Bring in all kinds of cheese and allow students to try them. Then ask them to write up a review on each one and vote on their favorite.

Writing a review is a great way to work on adjectives and writing descriptive passages.

6/7 National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Double Yum!!!

If you thought National Cheese Day was good, you may be dancing at the thought of National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

Bring in a special treat for students for snack today. Watch a video about how both chocolate and ice cream are made, and encourage students to sample different kinds of chocolate.

Maybe have a little contest to find the best Chocolate Ice Cream topping!

Note: Always check for allergies before introducing any food into the classroom!

6/8 National Best Friends Day

I always struggle to talk about ‘best friends’ in elementary school as kids’ friend groups are constantly changing, and having a ‘best friend’ is sometimes a bit of a taboo subject.

Rather than focusing on who the students’ best friends are today, ask them to create a list of qualities they want in a best friend. 

June Holiday Activities and Ideas (Pin)

6/12 Women’s Veterans Day

What an awesome day for a visitor! 

Ask around and see if you can get some Women Veterans to come in and talk about their time in service.

Have students write questions in advance so they are ready to take advantage of these neat visitors!

6/17 National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Not quite as exciting as National Cheese Day or National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, in my opinion, but it’s still important.

On National Eat Your Vegetables Day, set up a special snack station full of vegetables.

Another fun twist on this day’s activity is to ask students to use toothpicks with the vegetables to make their own piece of art that they can then devour when they’re done! 

6/23 National Hydration Day

Make a point to make water the highlight of the day on National Hydration Day. 

Consider showing a video about how the body uses water to hydrate, and do projects related to water on this June holiday.

6/27 National Bingo Day

Create some classroom BINGO cards for students to play throughout the day on National Bingo Day. Include prompts that are clever and specific to your classroom.

For example, if you have a class pet, maybe one spot gets filled in if the pet makes a noise. Another spot may get filled in when a visitor enters the room. The more personalized, the better.

You can also add in BINGO games for the purpose of practicing different skills. 

No matter what kind of BINGO you play, it is these types of June Holiday Activities that can really make the June days special in your classroom!

June Resources

Close Reads with Mystery Pictures

Our June Close Reads include passages about swimming, ice cream, and turtles!

End-of-the-Year Sticker Style Digital Review

Review reading skills while earning digital stickers in this digital, no-prep activity that is perfect for June!

I’m not sure there is anything sweeter than celebrating summer with these June holiday activities and ideas.

Seriously, with National Chocolate Ice Cream Day falling in the middle of the month and most US schools ending the school year, this month will be a sweet one indeed!

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