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Use Digital Puzzles for Review

Math review can get a little boring, but these digital puzzles can help. Awesome for in-person or digital learning, these interactive math review puzzles are self-checking and perfect for centers or individual work.

Puzzles provide the ultimate learning experience. They require problem-solving and focus, and when they are combined with review and concept practice, they are an engaging activity to add you your classroom.

Over the last couple of years, we have been developing a series of math and ELA puzzles that are perfect for virtual learning, 1:1 classrooms, centers, independent practice, or early finishers. These interactive, digital puzzles also act as a quick, formative assessment of the skills students are practicing in class.

How do they work?

When they open the link, students are presented with a 3×4 digital puzzle ‘board’ and 12 puzzle ‘pieces.’

Each box on the ‘board’ presents a problem, and on the puzzle ‘pieces’, students find solutions. If the students are able to match up the problem and solution correctly, they are rewarded with a complete picture. If they don’t, the image will look a little strange.

One of the best features of these math review puzzles is that they are self-checking. Once students believe they have the puzzle correct, they can click ‘check,’ and the puzzle will self-check. If a student is struggling, they can click ‘check’ throughout the process to see how many solutions they have correct at that time. This feature is great for scaffolding, and students get immediate feedback on their progress.

What topics do the puzzles cover?

The puzzles cover a variety of topics typically taught in 4th and 5th grade. Check them out below. Or click this link to see them in the store

English/Language Arts Puzzles

Greek & Latin Roots Level 1
Greek & Latin Roots Level 2
Prefixes & Suffixes


Dividing Whole Numbers
Equivalent Fractions
Number Patterns

What do I need to use these puzzles in my math review?

Honestly? Very little. 

The puzzles can be used on any device with an internet connection. They work in any browser and on any device. 

Each of the sets listed above includes 3 different puzzles that students can access all at once, or the teacher can assign overtime. In addition to being colorful, interactive, and engaging, the puzzles are also self-checking and provide immediate feedback and redos for students. 

How can I use these puzzles to assess my students?

This is definitely something you will want to consider if you want to formally document your students’ progress on these activities. 

If the puzzles are just independent review, share the link with the students and let them go, but if you want to use them to assess student learning either formatively or summatively, you’ll need to have a way to monitor students’ progress. 

We have included a sheet that can be given to students so that they can document their answers, or you can have students take pictures of their completed puzzles. If your students are familiar with screen sharing or screencasting, they could record their screen as they work through the puzzle, and you can watch them complete the puzzle at a later date 

(Note from someone who knows…watch the screen recordings on 2x speed. You still get to see the kiddo in action, but in half the account of time!)

Do you have a great puzzle idea?

As you bring these puzzles into your classroom, let us know how it goes. We love to hear feedback from teachers about how we can improve products. 

If there is a certain topic you want to see be made into a puzzle, please share your idea. We are always looking for new ways to help our teachers meet the needs of their students.

Find more on math review puzzles for practicing math facts in this post.

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