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5 Reasons to Start the Year with close Reads

5 Reasons to Start the Year with Close Reads

Let’s dig into 5 reasons you should start the year with close reads in your upper elementary class. From learning processes to building community, these close reads are perfect for back-to-school! A new school year means a new class and a gaggle of new faces to learn and love. I

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How to make your classroom games last longer

How to Make Your Classroom Games Last Longer

Saving time in the future is all about the steps you take to protect your resources now! Use these tips to make your classroom games last longer no matter how many elementary students play them! How many card games and task cards do you have in your classroom right now?

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6 reasons to use digital resources

6 Reasons to Use Digital Resources in the Classroom

These 6 reasons to use digital resources in the classroom prove that a healthy blend of digital and physical resources in the classroom is key to good classroom management, helping reduce waste, and keeping kids engaged. We live in a digital world, and I am a digital girl… I know

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5 activities for the last two weeks of school

5 Activities for the Last 2 Weeks of School

Keep students engaged with these 5 activities for the last 2 weeks of school! It’s here! The birds are singing, the sun is shining well past the time when you leave the classroom for the day, and the countdown is on to the end of the school year. Whether your

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Tips for Playing Games

Tips for Playing Games in the Classroom

Playing games in the classroom doesn’t have to result in chaos. Try some of these tips to help set expectations as you get started with games in your classroom. When I mention playing a game in your classroom, what is your gut response?  Are you excited, joyful, cautious? Lots of

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Reimagining Close Reads

Reimagining Close Reads in Upper Elementary

At Fun in 5th Grade, we are always reimagining close reads whether it is with mystery pictures, new monthly close read sets, or with new implementation strategies. Today we are adding a little ‘spice’ to classroom implementation. One of the best analogies I’ve ever heard regarding close reading is that

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How to Save Google Slides as a PowerPoint

How to Save Google Slides as a PowerPoint

We’ve got folders full of Google Slides resources, but our students don’t have Google accounts. We’ll teach you how to save Google Slides as a PowerPoint for classroom use. It seems like the whole world has gone gaga for Google, but let’s be honest, Google’s not for everybody, and sometimes

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