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5 Fun Ways to Spiral Concepts in Upper Elementary Image with game board and pieces in image

5 Fun Ways to Spiral Concepts in Upper Elementary

Spiral concepts in upper elementary without becoming redundant or dull with these 5 fun activities! We often talk about spiraling concepts in upper elementary, and it is our belief that spiraling concepts help to promote the long-term retention of skills and a deeper understanding of ideas and content. When we

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End-of-year teacher reflections blog image with Rockin' Student Survey task cards in the background image

End-of-Year Teacher Reflections

Working on growth and seeking out opportunities with end-of-year teacher reflections! Growth…let’s be honest…as long as it’s not on our waistline, growth is something we see as valuable and good. We encourage our students to focus on growth.  If a student’s reading scores are low, the first thing we do

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Ways to Start Your Day in Upper Elementary

5 Ways to Start Your Day in Upper Elementary

Get your class ready for the day with these 5 ways to start your day in upper elementary! It’s morning, the sun is out, and we are all ready to get this school day started! I wish. In reality, it is in the upper elementary grades that we start to

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How to Print Game Show Slides Pinterest image with a printer cartoon-ish drawing

How to Print Game Show Slides

How to print Game Show Slides so you can use them in even more ways! In our efforts to give you as many ways to use Fun in 5th Grade resources as possible, we have realized that sometimes the best way to use our digital resources is by printing them

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