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Teaching Figurative Language with Picture Books

Figurative language can sometimes be really confusing for students. This is especially true if English is not their first language. My students struggle every year with figurative language. Over the years, I introduced and practiced figurative language with them in many different ways. It’s actually one of my FAVORITE things

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halloween activities

Halloween Activities that Teach

Halloween can be a crazy day for teachers in the classroom. In all of the excitement of the day, students are bound to be a little extra. Keeping them focused on learning can be a huge challenge. In this post, I will share some activities that I do with my

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Early Finisher Ideas

Early Finishers in the Upper Elementary Classroom

Early finishers…I don’t recall being taught about them in college but the struggle of what exactly to have them work on is REAL. Teacher Struggles with Early Finishers When I first started teaching, I would just have them read if they finished something early. Seemed easy enough. But some students

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Student Accountability During Centers

Before teaching 5th grade for 10 years, I taught Preschool (3-year-olds). So, using centers to teach and engage learners has always been a part of my lessons. It wasn’t until I taught 5th grade, though, that I knew I needed a student accountability piece during centers. During the time that

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6 Ways to Make Close Reading More Engaging

Close reading is a strategy where students read a passage multiple times in order to gain a deeper understanding of the text. When I first attacked close reading with my students, there was a lot of complaining. They didn’t understand why they had to read a passage more than once

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Fun Science with Peeps and Other Spring Treats

Every year, right around springtime, we get hit with the big statewide test.  To balance all of that stress out, I usually do fun activities in the afternoon.  I load up on bunches of springtime candy such as peeps and jelly beans, as well as, some household items like vinegar,

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Indoor Recess: 20+ FUN Ideas to Save Your Sanity

There are many reasons that you may need to resort to having indoor recess. Rain, snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures all can put a big damper on going outdoors. I personally hate indoor recess; the noise, the moving around, the close quarters, the inability for the kids to get their

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Why You Should Use Games to Spiral the Standards

  I love games! Since I started teaching, I’ve always loved making review and practice fun in my classroom. Students love games, too. With everything students are expected to learn and remember each year, I believe it’s super fun and important to use games to spiral the standards. So, why

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Rounding Activities

Rounding Activities Kids Will Love

Rounding numbers always seems to be a challenge for many of my students each year.  We create anchor charts, practice, and play games until they finally start to get it.  Today I’m going to talk to you about a few of the rounding activities we did to review rounding.  We

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