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Unexpected places to find lesson inspiration feature image with four pictures: kids playing on the playground, kids playing with hula hoops, kids hands all together in a circle, and kids playing with something that looks like sticks

Unexpected Places to Find Inspiration for the Classroom

Take your creativity to a new level with these five new and unexpected places to find inspiration for your classroom. Teachers are creatures of habit and, admittedly that isn’t surprising since teachers often do the same activities and lessons over and over. Whether you are an elementary school teacher who

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Figurative Language Holiday Craftivity Image

3 Ways to Use this Figurative Language Holiday Craftivity

Whether you are into the holidays or not, this Figurative Language Holiday Craftivity will provide a fun, engaging, and educational opportunity for filling your classroom or home with holiday spirit this year. We always love when student crafts can help us decorate our rooms or bring joy to others, and

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Teacher Wish List Blog Image

Prep for the Holiday Season with your Teacher Wish List

People like to donate to their school, their student’s classroom, and their student’s teacher, and that is why having a Teacher Wish List is so important. The holidays are upon us, and with that, many parents, students, and businesses like to get teachers gifts and show their support for their

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8 ways to use leftover candy in your classroom

8 Ways to Use Leftover Candy in Your Classroom

Looking for ways to use leftover candy in your classroom? This post provides many ideas for using candy in your classroom…many of which don’t actually result in anyone eating it. We’ve all been there… We handle the Halloween season like a boss.  At school, we’ve done holiday-inspired classroom activities (all

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Halloween Glow Games

Halloween Glow Games for Upper Elementary

Make your classroom activities even more spooky and silly this year with these Halloween glow games ideas. There is no better time than Halloween to bust out your glow sticks and invisible ink and do Halloween glow games with your upper elementary classes. Glow sticks, necklaces, and bracelets never seem

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End of Year Activities: Memory Books

End of Year Activities: Memory Books for Upper Elementary

When looking for end of the year activities, make the experience special for both students and parents with these memory books for upper elementary classes. Do you hear that? Listen carefully! That is the sound of thousands of mothers wailing at once, but why are they crying? Well, it’s graduation

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5 Ways to Teach Kids How to Care for the Earth

Earth day is coming up, and with all the crazy weather patterns we have had this year, taking care of our Earth has never felt more important. Teach kids how to care for the Earth for future generations. As young kids, our elementary-age students can make an awesome, ongoing impact

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