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Math Center Ideas for Upper Elementary

Bring peace to your day with these math center ideas for upper elementary. Take a moment to imagine the perfect moment in your math class. Live in that moment. Let your mind work its way around your classroom and observe your students.  First, you see yourself. You are working with

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Make Any Content into a Game

It is our mission to turn as much classroom content into a game as possible! There is little else more satisfying than beating someone at a board game. It doesn’t matter if it’s Candyland, Monopoly, or Settlers of Catan, a good board game puts my heart in a happy place.

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5 Ways to Teach Kids How to Care for the Earth

Earth day is coming up, and with all the crazy weather patterns we have had this year, taking care of our Earth has never felt more important. Teach kids how to care for the Earth for future generations. As young kids, our elementary-age students can make an awesome, ongoing impact

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Digital Stickers to Motivate and Engage

When did digital stickers become a staple in our classrooms? We use them to express our pride in our students’ work. To motivate. To encourage. To improve the mood of the classroom. We use them to express gratitude and show appreciation. We use them to decorate, show personality, and generally

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Our Favorite Graphic Novels for the Classroom

You’ve gotta love a good graphic novel. The quick pace, fun images, and quirky dialogue make graphic novels incredibly engaging for both adults and kids.  After taking on the black sheep role in acceptable literature, graphic novels have made a fierce comeback. Now graphic novels are a staple in the

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Digital Puzzles for Math Review

Use Digital Puzzles for Math Review

Math review can get a little boring, but these digital puzzles can help. Awesome for in-person or digital learning, these interactive math review puzzles are self-checking and perfect for centers or individual work. Puzzles provide the ultimate learning experience. They require problem-solving and focus, and when they are combined with

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How to Copy Part of a Google Slide

How to Copy Part of a Google Slide Presentation

A step-by-step tutorial geared toward teachers who want to learn how to copy part of a google slide presentation. Did you know that you can copy only selected slides of a google drive presentation?  Well…you most definitely can, and it can be a really useful tool when dealing with long

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