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Create a Country Activity Blog Image

End-of-Year Project: Create a Country Activity

What is more fun than creating a new world, with a new language, and rules that you get to make up? That is the kind of fun that students get to experience with this Create a Country activity! As a teacher, I’m constantly trying to think of ways to connect

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End-of-year teacher reflections blog image with Rockin' Student Survey task cards in the background image

End-of-Year Teacher Reflections

Working on growth and seeking out opportunities with end-of-year teacher reflections! Growth…let’s be honest…as long as it’s not on our waistline, growth is something we see as valuable and good. We encourage our students to focus on growth.  If a student’s reading scores are low, the first thing we do

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Test Prep Strategies for Reading in Upper Elementary Blog Image with image of download

Test Prep Strategies for Reading

Get your students ready for the testing season with these test prep strategies for reading in upper elementary. To play the game well, you have to know the rules. True test prep is all about knowing the rules so you can help your students increase the odds of success. Playing

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ELA Game Show Bundle for Test Prep Blog Image with context clues image in background

How to use the ELA Game Show Bundle for Test Prep

Keep your upper elementary class interested and intrigued all spring long by using this ELA Game Show Bundle for test prep. Sometimes we think that test prep season has to be full of serious, test-focused lessons that ensure our students will be prepared for anything the testing masters decide to

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Ways to Start Your Day in Upper Elementary

5 Ways to Start Your Day in Upper Elementary

Get your class ready for the day with these 5 ways to start your day in upper elementary! It’s morning, the sun is out, and we are all ready to get this school day started! I wish. In reality, it is in the upper elementary grades that we start to

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Figurative Language Fun Blog Image with children writing in a classroom

Activities to Make Figurative Language Fun

Figurative Language fun is sure to be had with these 10 figurative language activities and resources. Things that make the world better… Good friends Movies with popcorn A hot beverage on a cool day Bonfires Crazy, silly kids running on the playground Figurative Language… ….wait what? I know that many

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