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If you have these…try these! Activities and Lessons for Upper Elementary

Looking for more ways to use those resources you bought? Try some of these activities and lessons for upper elementary. Pin image featuring Game Show Games

Looking for more ways to use those resources you bought? Try some of these activities and lessons for upper elementary.

Over the past couple of years, we have expanded our product lines to create resources that will help teachers year-round. 

Whether it is creating Close Reads with Mystery Pictures for every month of the year, or creating FREE Math resources teachers can download and begin using immediately, we have put a lot of love and thought into these products. We have considered how teachers can use them in a variety of ways and how they can be adapted to be used with other activities.

Our blog has become an overflowing resource of activities and lessons for upper elementary teachers using these resources, and in this post we intend to make our teachers’ jobs even easier.

We have taken the time to organize many of our blog posts in order by resource type, so you can take advantage of all of our suggestions for how to use the resource you’ve purchased.

Navigating this Post

Navigation is easy. Simply find the resource you are interested in, and spend some time reading about the different ways to use the activity in the blog posts identified for that resource. If you find an idea you like, implement it!

Upper Elementary Resource Library

Game Show Games

Set up with Jeopardy-style play, these Game Show Games come in a variety of topics, and we have considered a lot of different ways to play them…and use the slides in a variety of ways! Here are some recommended posts!

Close Reads with Mystery Pictures

Our Close Reads with Mystery Pictures come in over 40 different sets and are the perfect resource to incorporate into the classroom monthly.

With three different reading levels represented for each passage, differentiation is just another thing that these resources offer to help teachers save time and brain power. To learn more about our Close Reads with Mystery Pictures sets and how they can be used and expanded on for different types of learning, check out the blog posts below.

Digital Puzzles Activities

Quick fact-based digital puzzles are a great addition to centers and provide in-the-moment scaffolding as students can use the puzzle images to help support them as they try to connect the questions and answers.

One issue teachers often have with digital activities and lessons for upper elementary is them not working on multiple devices or students needing logins to make the resource work. We’ve considered that, and that is why these puzzles are hosted on our Fun in 5th Grade website for easy access on any device through a simple link. Learn more about these puzzles in the blog posts below!

U-KNOW Games

U-KNOW games have been a fan favorite for Fun in 5th Grade teachers for a long time, and we have thought about all sorts of different ways to use them in the classroom. Spend some time considering the U-KNOW activities and lessons for upper elementary in these popular U-KNOW posts!

Math Freebies

Although this isn’t just one product line, we have developed a whole slew of math freebies over the last couple of years, and those freebies have resulted in many different projects and activity ideas that have appeared in blog posts.

If you are looking for some fresh math lessons for this next year, then look no further than these Math activity posts…which all contain a math freebie of some kind!

We hope this post has left you feeling inspired and empowered to get the most bang for your buck out of your Fun in 5th Grade resources. If you have other ideas for how to use these resources, please contact us! Maybe your great idea will be the next blog post to make this list!

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